These days “photography” is so much more than simply seeing an object and taking a picture...its an entire mix of things. Nowadays, seeing something and taking a picture is just the start of the process that results in an image that one can be proud to display. Technology, in the form of the actual camera equipment, the software used to manipulate the image (Aperture, Photoshop, Lightroom), and the “output” process (printing!) all contribute greatly to the creative process.

Although I’ve taken pictures my whole life (who hasn’t?), I didn’t fall in love with photography until college in California. Compared to today’s technology environment, thirty years ago it was the ice ages...you actually had to go through a development process with chemicals to convert your images into a medium such as slides, negatives, or prints. Back then you had to make darn sure that the majority of your 36 pictures in a roll of film were worth a damn, or else you’d curse yourself about the money you just blew. Today, with digital technology, if you walk away with a few good shots out of a hundred, you done good.

I take pictures of lots of different things, but usually there’s one of a few elements in my work. Lines, patterns, waves, shadows, vivid colors, or close-up imagery are what make me push the shutter button. While color photos are awesome, I particularly love the distinctiveness of black and white photography. I find that a lot of times colors can actually take away from one’s ability to see other, equally interesting elements of a picture. Take a picture of a boat set against a beautiful sunset, and the colors of the sky will likely amaze you. Strip away the colors in a conversion to black and white, however, and suddenly you see other equally interesting elements: the incredible forms of the clouds, the waves tickling the sky on the horizon, or the way the silhouette of the boat jumps off the surface. Seeing a picture of a beautiful flower in back and white triggers the brain to fantasize about what the colors would look like, just as the taste buds start fantasizing when your eyes see a delicious food item.So, I have fun with it; and hope you do as well.